Saturday, March 2, 2013

True Marian Devotee

To be a true Marian devotee is to imitate Mary in her faith, hope and love in her Son. There is a reflection of Mary in every authentic Marian devotee.

Her true devotee has her:

Chasity: She kept herself pure from her younger years.

Piety: She was praying when the Angel Gabriel came to her.

Faith and Trust: She believe that God can do the impossible,  her virgin birth.

Obedience: Her Fiat, "Be done to me according to your word."

Courage: She knew that her virgin birth might be mistaken for adultery and might end up in her stoning. But she still said "Yes" to God's Will.

Charity: She went to her cousin Elizabeth, who was in need, even though she herself was pregnant. She was the one who went out of the way for love's sake.

Loyalty: She never abandoned her Son at the foot of the Cross, even though that might implicate her.

And most of all, her love for Jesus and her bringing of souls to Him: "Do whatever He tells you." She always points to her Son.

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